5 Ways To Stop Complicating Your Own Life

The more you complicate your life the more complicated your life becomes.

For a long, long time, I was the Queen of Complication. Busy-ness and debt practically suffocated me. I felt like a hamster in the proverbial wheel….going nowhere fast.

5 Dreadful Ways I Complicated My Own Life:

  1. Clutter. Yup. From knick knacks to gobs of “important papers” I thought I needed to keep. Including somewhere between 600-1,000 books that needed important shelf space and quite frankly, became a huge weight every time I moved.
  2. Taking on other people’s problems. For some reason I thought I had to either fix them, solve them, or hang on to them as if they were my own.
  3. Financially stretching myself too thin. I once had $28,000 in credit card debt, a car payment, and a mortgage. Dreadful place to be.
  4. Over committing myself. ‘nuf said.
  5. Pursuing and chasing after what other people said I *should* be doing.

So, how did I uncomplicate my life? 

  • I threw out or donated the clutter. And I make it a point to declutter at least every 6 weeks. Yup. Just purged a stack of those *important* papers, donated most of my books and bought a Kindle, threw out old and broken dishes, and just recently donated 3 garbage bags of clothes I no longer wear.
  • I learned how to differentiate between my problems and your problems and I don’t take on your problems anymore. Mine are enough.
  • It took a few years but I paid off *all* my credit card debt and paid off 2 car loans early. 5 years ago, my husband and I sold our home and *right sized.* We paid cash for our new home and no longer have a mortgage or any debt. Whew. Such a fantastically freeing feeling.
  • I learned a very important word…NO. And I know how and when to use it.
  • I stopped chasing after the nonsense. I quit my job in 2021 (part of the Great Realignmen) and started my own business, Payment Card Assessments. I’m creating the life I want. Not the life the world keeps trying to shove down my throat.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to live a complicated life. The choice is yours. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll have to reach that boiling point before you’ve declared…ENOUGH.

I jumped off the crazy train. You can, too.

Much love,


PS: My yoga nidra mediations are now available and I’ll be adding more downloadable content to help you uncomplicated your life!

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