I’m Quitting (and it feels so weird)

I’ve been here a number of times.

👉I quit blogging (a few times).

👉I quit podcasting (not once but twice).

👉I quit teaching yoga (not yoga just the teaching part).

🫣And I’m about to quit crochet as a business (not as my passion hobby…never!)

I’ve thought….

👉Maybe I’m not supposed to be an entrepreneur.

👉Maybe I can’t help anyone.

Maybe what I think I’m supposed to be doing is far different than the plans the Universe has for me.

It’s just taken me a hot second (more like 14 years) to figure that out.

In the meantime, I’ve gained





But still…

😳Quitting doesn’t sit right with my ego.

😱Even when things aren’t working. As if quitting is a sign of failure.

👉🌟And I keep going back to the sage advice from Keith Cunningham, “If it’s not working, stop doing it.”

I know I need to stop doing all the things that aren’t working.

🙌Because my time and attention needs to be solely focused on what IS working.

And there’s so much more to be said for what’s working and yet I haven’t finished letting go of the things I started and poured my heart and soul into only to come up with mostly nothing.

ugh ugh ugh

😫Maybe I just need to mourn the things that didn’t work. Let them go in peace.

Because they served a purpose even if all I did was learn and grow from the experience.

Writing helps. Even if no one reads this.

I know what I need to do.

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