7 Beliefs I Hold Dear

I believe in love, truth, honesty, showing up, self-reliance, taking responsibility for my decisions, and practicing all of this every single day.

  • Loving others and self-love is a daily practice. I fail miserably sometimes. That’s okay. I learn, I make heartfelt amends, I grow, and I do better.
  • Practicing truth came later in my life. I had to do a lot of unlearning first. And I learned that a few words stood between me and truth. “SHOULD” is one of those words and as long as you continue to use it, you’ll be blind to truth. To learn more about how detrimental this one word is, I highly recommend reading “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie.

  • Honesty is almost the same as truth. I learned to stop hiding behind excuses (I’m too busy was my favorite) and even today, I need to remind myself to back away from the excuses and be honest with myself.
  • Showing up is something I learned and practice everyday. I used to sit on the sidelines and wait for an engraved invitation to play the game of life. I don’t wait around for an invitation I know is already open.
  • Learning self-reliance was a kick in the pants and it taught me to take full responsibility for my decisions and choices. No more blaming and complaining. It taught me to be the victor rather than the victim.
  • All this and more takes commitment and daily practice. I’m so very grateful for my yoga practice and my ability to crochet. Both help me stay true and authentic. Both help me serve you from a place of tender loving care.

What core beliefs do you hold dear?


5 thoughts on “7 Beliefs I Hold Dear

  1. ckkochis2017 says:

    Wonderful insights, Peggy. The core beliefs I hold dear are love, integrity, do no harm, hugs & giggles, compassion and honest.

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