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Hi, I’m Peggy Nolan.

I’m on a mission to help you rediscover your mojo, reignite your creativity, and find your way back to living life well.

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Yoga Nidra is a yoga journey through the Self where you’ll deepen your practice, gain insight, slow down, stretch out, and sink into deep relaxation and rest. You’ll nourish and nurture kindness within, uncover and reveal your own truths, connect and strengthen your enough-ness, tune in to your innate intuition, and relinquish the need to control every outcome.

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Imposter Syndrome Is Just Another Fancy Way Your Ego Messes With You

Is it really imposter syndrome or the fear of not knowing something that you *think* you should know but you don’t?  I used to think I was supposed to know everything about everything when I started a new job or started anything new to me. I was the one who put that gawd awful unreasonable…